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Important Issues



  • Georgia must be attractive to business leaders and encourage economic development and  growth. 

    Education of our workforce is so very important. I believe that the Georgia Work Ready Program is a great tool that we are using in the 16th district, and I want to continue to encourage this program's use. This program not only educates the workforce, but allows for grants and opportunities to be used while attaining these goals. In addition, I love the idea of working with high school students and encouraging them to learn about a particular trade to prepare for their future. We must take the initiative to move forward and give students and individuals every opportunity to succeed in the work force.

  • Being attractive on a national and global level is very important. We need to ensure that we are attractive to those industries and businesses seeking to bring their jobs and oppurtunities to Georgia while still making those businesses within our district continue to feel welcomed and prosperous. 

  • Small businesses as well as large industries are equally important, and working on alleviating mandates and regulations upon them should be a top priority. While we can't fix what the federal  government is imposing, we can provide relief here in the state to help alleviate some of those constraints. I look forward to pursuing this with advice and input from small business leaders across the 16th district.



We need to take serious measures to deter drugs and crime in the 16th district. Ways we can do this are through limiting state funding to individuals receiving public benefits that are using illegal drugs. If we want to make a difference in this region, we must take that initiative. On a state level as a lawmaker I plan to encourage these efforts. I believe that having a hand is good, but getting a free ride isn't. It is time for some reform to stop the abuses that are overtaking our programs meant to help those in need.

  • In order to combat the meth and drug problem in this district I want to have a drug task force committee composed of leaders from across the district that will be working together with myself in talking about our needs and formulating solutions concerning our drug problem issues.

  • I also want to look at grants and incentives that we can give on a state level to law enforcement and others working tirelessly to combat these probelms.
  • We can also support community organizations in the 16th district taking the intiative to rehabilitate those on drugs and teach them how to be productive citizens in the community. Keep the government out of it, and let the community work together to make a difference.



Individuals, not the government, should be in charge of health care. With the billions of dollars in benefits for our seniors and disabled being reduced, our country is in serious trouble if Obamacare is not stopped. Individuals are becoming a number, not a person, in our system.

Obamacare is socialized medicine. It is taking the decision making process out of the hands of patients and doctors and putting it into the hands of beaurocrats and third parties. We need reform in our health care system, but this is not the answer.

I have been a leader on this issue. I feel strongly that the doctor patient relationship is a very important one. I received the Shining Scalpel Award from the Associaiton of American Physicans and Surgeons for my work on protecting patients' rights and working to stop the implementation of a national health care system. This award has not been given to a nonphysician in over 67 years.

I am proud of my work on health care. I have seen through my work as the former National Town Hall Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots and Co-Founder of American Grassroots Coalition that educating the public on this issue is very important. I have worked on this legislation for almost 4 years, and I don't plan on stopping now. Our health care is too important! We can stop this, and we must!



The tax burden is a top priority for me. Taxes are crippling all of us. Individuals know better how to spend their money than the government.

We should be reducing our personal income taxes and eliminating corporate income taxes.

The goal is to attract jobs, and alleviate constraints on families.

Reducing and eliminating taxes on retirement plans in the State of Georgia is part of my plan. Surrounding states have already done this. We want to promote business and growth in our state. This is a great way to do that.

Job credits are also key. Not only should we provide simpler job credits for new hires, but also for existing jobs. We want to encourage businesses to continue to grow and keep their existing employees as well.

I am also for implementing a simpler sales tax, so that everyone contributes. The tax code as it stands is too complicated and requires too much red tape and regulation. We need to look at ways to alleviate the enormous burdens on our citizens and business leaders in this district.



Values are very important to me. Your values and how you live are what makes you who you are. I want the citizens of this district to know that I believe in the family and its value system.




are all important family values to me. As a wife, mother, and soon to be grandmother, family values are essential. How we live our lives reflects who we are.



I am a pro-gun supporter and always have been. I grew up with my family being avid hunters. Not only hunters, but gun owners. It is important that we protect our right to bear arms. Law abiding citizens should not be restricted from their constitutional right. I will continue to support gun owners. And, I am a proud member of the NRA!



Education is so important. As a parent and soon to be grandparent, and an educator for the past 17 years, I understand the enormous responsibility of educating our children. It is time that the federal government stopped interfering with education. Education should be in the hands of the states. Georgia and Georgians should be in charge of educating their children. I believe education is a State’s rights issue. Schools should be guided on the state and local levels.

While I believe that the intent of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was good, the results have been devastating to our educational system, adding restraints and conditions on the state and local levels. The waiver Georgia received with NCLB is good, but what that means remains to be seen. I believe in school choice and promoting the success of all our schools. The state of Georgia and the 16th district should be in control of education NOT the federal government.



I am against the statewide TSplost initiative. I am not for another tax to add to the burdens each of us is already facing. I understand that we have some serious transportation issues to work on. However, dividing our district into regions and implementing a tax that doesn't even cover the full cost of what is anticipated is not the answer.